Computer Repair and Web Design Services in Oak Cliff.

Thank you for visiting our Oak Cliff computer repair web page. We are proud to be located in a city with such rich background and bright future. If you happen to land on this page, mention it at the time of payment to receive a $10 discount on a computer repair of $45 or more.

Check the symptom list below for some of the problems and issues we solved for our customers.
  • Cant Open File - Clicking on a downloaded file or a file on the desktop does not open the file or an error message is displayed asking the user to select a program to open the file. Viruses and Malware can also cause this kind of behavior. Bring your computer to Metro Computer and Web for a quick and free diagnostics. These repairs usually cost $45. Come visit us in Dallas near Oak Cliff.
  • Cant Read Word Document - Opening a Microsoft Word document fails due to compatibility issues. This can be caused because of different versions of word being used for creating and viewing the file. At Metro Computer and Web in Dallas, we can configure your computer for cross compatibility allowing you to open several versions of word documents
  • Error When Opening a File - Error message is displayed when double clicking a file on a thumb drive or on the desktop. The file may have been saved in the wrong format or the program required to open and display this kind of file is missing or unavailable. Virus and Malware can also cause this kind of behavior. We believe in helping our customers and provide honest affordable estimates at Metro Computer and Web in Dallas. If you have trouble opening files, bring your computer to our location on Zang Blvd in Dallas.  
  • Codec Not Installed Error - When trying to play a video, watch a dvd movie, or music file, the user receives and error preventing the user from opening the file. Missing codecs or associations can cause this error. If you are located in the Dallas, Oak Cliff, Kessler Park, or West Dallas neighborhoods, give us a call for your computer and web design needs. Our prices are very competitive.
  • Blinking Red Light - Some brands of laptops like HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Compaq, Gateway, Lenovo, IBM, and others sometimes use light combinations to alert a problem. In some cases, the laptop will display a red blinking light in the LED notification area of the laptop(sometimes near power button). This may be caused by overheating, hard drive errors, and video problems.
  • Blinking Power Light - A laptop and desktop computer may display a blinking power led light when the computer can't turn on. In some cases, the computer lights will turn and the fan will spin but there is no video on the monitor or display. This can be cause by a defetive video chip, bad memory, bad motherboard, or a misonnected cable. At Metro Computer and Web in Dallas, we offer free diagnostics when a repair is completed.
  • Blinking Hard Drive Light - If the hard drive light is blinking on your desktop or laptop computer, it can simply mean your hard drive is reading or writing data to the disks. If your computer is slow and unresponsive and the light is red or stays on, this can mean there is a problem with the hard drive or the operating system is having trouble sending the hard drive data. Metro COmputer and Web in Dallas offers high level software data recovery for a fraction of the cost of a clean room recovery. There is no charge if data is not recovered.
  • Dim Laptop LCD Screen - When the laptop powers on but the LCD screen remains dim or doesn't power on completely, the electricity is not reaching the LCD backlight causing the laptop screen to appear dim or very dark. The cause could be a bad or defective LCD screen or a bad electrical inverter. Bring your laptop to Metro Computer and Web in Dallas to get a free quote on a dim laptop LCD screen.
  • Glitches - A computer glitch or computer bug is a computer software problem that is difficult to diagnose. These are caused by bad programming or mistakes in software programming. At Metro Computer and Web Design we have an extensive background in windows software problems and can repair most in one business day.
  • No Audio From Speakers - On a laptop a computers speakers may become non functional when installing new audio software or missing drivers. Audio devices which arent congigured properly can also cause a laptop audio to fail. Audio speakers not working on a desktop or music not playing on the computer could be cause by bad audio card or misconfigured audio device on the computer. Bring your laptop or desktop to Metro Computer repair in Dallas for a quick free diagnostics on the audio on your computer.
  • Audio From Speakers but No Headphones - If audio is coming out of speakers but not headphones, this could be the cause of a misconfigured audio device or defective audio jack. At Metro Computer Repair in Dallas, we offer low level component level repair at an affordable cost. One of our customers had a broken audio jack tip stuck inside the laptop audio jack. We were able to replace the entire audio madule including microphone jack. If your computer is having audio problems bring it to our location Zang for a quick and simple diagnostics.
  • Audio From Headphones but Not Speakers - Sometimes headphones plugged into a desktop or laptop computer will emit sound while the speakers will not. Usually caused by a misconfigured audio device or defective computer audio card. Computer audio cards are relatively inexpensive so repairing audio cards is not recommended. Bring your desktop or laptop computer to our location in Dallas on Zang Blvd for a free diagnostic test where we can identify the audio issue.
  • Dirty Computer - Dust and foreign objects can get into a computer case or laptop chassis when the computer is in a work environment or dusty area. Dust can cause long term computer damage by preventing clean cool air from circulating in the computer case or laptop chassis. Clean cool air is important to a computer because fans and heatsinks use cool air in a computer to cool down hot motherboard components like video cards, audio cards, computer chips. We use high pressure tools to remove dust and foreign objects without damaging sensative components at Metro Computer Repair in Dallas.
  • Desktop Not Showing - If your laptop or desktop in Dallas isn't displaying on your lcd or monitor, there may be a software or hardware problem with the computer. At Metro Computer Repair in Dallas, we can fix the computer not making it to the desktop. If the computer is turning on and going through the boot process but shows a blank or black screen with mouse but no desktop, your windows operating system may be corrupt or outdated. Computers will somtime turn on and load windows operating system but only display a mouse with blank or black screen on the desktop not showing icons or start ment. Bring your computer repair location in Dallas to get a free diagnostics and time estimate.
  • Spyware - Spyware is a type of computer virus considered to be very harmful to a computer. Computer virus removal is very important with this type of computer virus because this kind of computer virus can self install on a computer and gather sensative information like passwords, credit card information, bank information, and other types of personal information.
  • Trojan Virus - A trojan horse in greek mythology was a gateway device which penetrated security by portraying something that wasn't dangerous but caused harm once inside. Trojan horse computer viruses will present themselves in the form a benign computer program, document, or file, and once deployed becomes harmful.
  • Worm Virus - A wrom virus is a type of computer virus which copies itself or repilicates iteself to spread across a computer network. Most worm virus don't cause damage to a computer at the operating system level but some have the ability to replicate and modify computer files and corrupting data. Unlike other viruses, worms don't need to be attached to a file to spread from computer to computer. Antivirus programs should be updated weekly to prevent new malicious software from entering laptop and desktop computers in Dallas.
  • Lines on Laptop Screen - A laptop will display a variation of color(rainbow) lines on the LCD or white lines on the LCD when a video card is bad or the backlight on a monitor is defective. An overheating video card and bad memory can also cause random objects to appeard like squares on the LCD. In some cases, like lines on a desktop monitor, it is best to replace the monitor since they are inexpensive($100-$200). Laptops however must have the LCD replaced with a new screen if defective or not showing video. We have customers all over the metroplex because of our competitive prices in the Dallas area.
  • Broken LCD Screen On Laptop - Laptop computer screens can break if too much pressue is applied to the fragile glass or plastic. Dropping the laptop can also cause an LCD screen on a laptop to shatter. Screen replacements can cost $100 to $200 and sometimes more including parts. In some cases, screens must be ordered to our location in Dallas and can take several days to arrive. Bringing the laptop with a broken screen to our location in Dallas is recommended. Free estimates on broken laptop screens are provided at Metro Computer and Web. If the repair is not completed, there is no charge.
  • Bad Power Supply - The computer or laptop will not power on when a power supply is bad and needs to be replaced. We have the tools and testing equipment in Dallas required to check for a bad power supply. Sometimes a bad power supply can be misdiagnosed if the technician isn't familiar with all combinations of problems with a computer. At Metro Computer Repair in Dallas we have experienced every kind of computer repair problem and have extensive experience with hardware and software problems. 
  • Beeping When Powered On - A computer will beep repeatedly when there is a problem with bad memory or a video issue. Some manufacturers like HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Compaq, Gateway, Lenovo, IBM, and others have built in error reporting on the motherboard. This helps to diagnose a computer. Our location near Oak Cliff in Dallas has the equipment needed to test and repair memory and video problems on computers. Call for an appointment or stop by during our business hours.